About Us

Welcome to Bucolapa!

Bucolapa is outstanding compared with many other contact lenses brands. Basing on delicate design and mature online store operation, Bucolapa is on a path of rapid growth these years for domestic&Foreign market. 

Fresh Vision: Seeing Different

Bucolapa always tries the best to provide our customers with first-class contact lenses with hundreds of colors and styles, offering fashion, beauty as well as health to every single one of the girls who have shining dreams. With our certified color contact lenses, you’ll see the world in a totally different and better way!

New Lady: Just be yourself 

With the development of the times, every woman is now paying attention to her growth, dress, and appearance. Everyone wants to be more beautiful, and everyone wants to be different. The concept of a fresh lady is the same. We have a responsibility to bring beauty to women, and we are committed to becoming a fresh lady in the new era. Here you can boldly become what you want, play whatever role you like, put on different charming makeup. Come on ! just do it!

Our service: Meeting all needs

  • If you say I want beautiful colored contact lenses-Yes, you have come to the right place.

  • If you say I want crazy contact lenses-Yes, that's all you want.

The colors and patterns of lenses are unique. We are aimed at providing you with the best quality and service at an attractive price.