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Anma Beauty HL- Cartoon Contact Lenses Auto-washer

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The Reason and benefits of using auto-washer

After wearing Contact lenses for 6-8 hours each time, a lot of tear protein will be attached to the surface of contact lenses and oxygen-permeable pores, and more 6-8 hours later, oxygen permeability will drop more than 30% -60%. The lens usually starts to absorb the tears protein from the first second of wearing. Then the protein starts to denature under the UV and oxidation of bacteria, then triggers eye inflammation, and even lets the eyes expose in hypoxia.

HL Cartoon Auto-washer has so many awesome features:Cute shape, novel and dynamic pattern, from top producing medical material and equipment; protein- electrophoresis technology is a biological reaction under the micro-environment to avoid the noise and shock of vibration cleaning; while it can avoid the hand-scrubbing damage to the lens,need 30 seconds in quick cleaning, almost noiseless during the entire process,and without any damage to the lens.

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