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Anma Beauty Mushroom Contact Lenses Auto-washer

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Proteins can easily absorb on lenses once lenses are in eyes. The protein can attach itself to the surface of lenses and stop up the air hole, coming into being a barrier, which stop the breath of eyes. Long duration of proteins on lenses would reduce hydroscopicity of lenses and decrease lubrication, thus making the deformation of lenses and causing a serious abrasion of cornea.

This auto-washer is definitely a patented invention, which is made of medical grade materials under the most strict standards and conditions of medicine.

Rapid 30-second washing, almost noiseless and no harm to lens.

Protein electrophoresis is a micro-environment biological reaction, reducing the noise and vibration of washing, and the damage to lenses compared to washing by hand. This machine could effectively dispel dacryolin, improve oxygen permeability and bring softer wearing.

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